Automating your processes may require the design of a complete new line or the integration of new components in an existing line. It could also mean the extension of an existing building or even a complete new bakery lay-out. Our extensive product portfolio can be tailored to all your needs, from individual items to full bakery systems.
MIC-Continuous Aeration System
Continuous aeration system also called turbo mixer. It offers constant production of marshmallows, cake batter, whipped cream, chocolate, eggs, foamed confectionery, dairy products and many other food products for uniform cell structure and precise s
This dispenser model DIA is for placement soft paper cups. It is using air blow system to separate the cups inside the feeders and place them on the tray. The deposit heads are designed exactly according to the size and shape of the cups. They are in
OIA-Oil Sprayer
The oil sprayer model OIA is used to spray the right amount of oil in the moulds. It is the first step when making cakes without paper cups. It allows to easy depan the cakes from baking trays. The spraying nozzles are adjustable and can fit for diff
The depositor model DEA is piston depositors. It is mounted on an intermittent chain conveyor where baking trays travel on. As optional, it can be fixed depositing head, movable depositing head or 2 colors depositing. There is automatic C.I.P. washin
INA-T-Vertical Injector
The injector model INA-T is used to inject products on indented baking trays. When the products after baked, load them with trays on the conveyor, it will automatically injecting.
The depanner model DEA equips with a motorized moving head slides. According to the products, it is possible to use heads with suction cups or needles. For different size products, the depanning plate is easily interchangeable. For high speed needs,
OVT-Tunnel Oven
The tunnel oven is used for production line in which the cakes are conveyed continuously with trays. With multiple zone control and independent top and bottom heat, it is effective for producing variety of baked food.
Cooling & UV Sterilization Line
This is the last process before packaging. The cooling conveyor is responsible for significantly reducing the internal heat of products immediately after they exit the baking oven. Products are cooled quickly and efficiently without causing undue pro
Full Automatic Sorting Packaging System
This packaging system achieves a whole automatic packing process from sorting, feeding to packing.
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